Team:Valencia Biocampus/miembros2



    Cristina Vilanova
    Hi there! I am a Biotechnologist about to start a PhD in systems biology and "-omics"-based approaches to bioremediation.

    I was trapped by iGEM (and SB in general) 3 years ago, when I was part of the iGEM 2009 Valencia Team . Now, I'm very happy to repeat such an amazing experience as advisor.

    The thing I like the most (apart from working in the lab, of course...) is travelling and meeting people from other countries, so I hope to see you in Amsterdam and Boston!
    Alejandro Vignoni
    I'm an Electronic Eng. and I'm doing my PhD in Control Systems oriented to Synthetic Biology.

    I play Guitar as hobby (although I studied almost all my life) and I like traveling, biking, swimming, rock climbing, yoga, taking pictures and many things more...!!!.

    I was iGEMer in 2010, and now I'm back as Advisor, so it seems iGEM is something good, what do you think?
    but I don't have time to fight Entropy... Take a look to my iGEM2010 user page or to my web page.
    Gabriel Bosque Chacón
    Hey there! I'm a chemical engineer and biotechnologist about to start a phD in systems biology. I got involved with synthetic biology in 2010, when I was part of the Valencia iGEM team. I'm back this year as an advisor, famous for his bad advices hehe. Movie? The Godfather part I. Song? Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. Singer/Band? Bruce Springsteen. Book? The Catcher In The Rye. That's about it! :)
    Angeles Hueso Gil
    Hello everybody! I am a biologist in her last year of a Biotechnology master.

    I was a member of Valencia 2009 and 2010 iGEM team and I enjoyed so much both competitions that I wanted to participate one more time.

    I am eager to start my PhD next year and feel the suffering but comforting experience of making science.

    My main hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, bellydancing and when my budget lets me to do it, traveling.
    Carles Palanca
    Hi! I have always enjoyed abstract topics like music and mathematics. Somehow I got interested in something much more terrestrial like molecular biology and I decided to study biochemistry as my main career. I was a member of the Valencia iGEM team in 2009 and I have so many good memories about the whole project and the Jamboree that I wanted to be a small part of the whole thing again. Now I'm doing my PhD in structural biology. I love music, so you can always see me singing or maybe playing in some pub if you are lucky.
    Dorothy J. Dankel
    Hi! I am an advisor to the Human Practices team this year! I am a researcher at the Center for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities at the University of Bergen in Norway. I work with Ana Delgado on the project "Reflexive Systems Biology" and it is exciting to use some of our insights from this project on systems and synthetic biology with the Valencia Biocampus team!

    My main hobbies are football (soccer, watching and playing), reading, tasting new foods, and visiting family members around the world.
    Guillermo Rodrigo
    Currently, I am an EMBO long-term fellow at CNRS, France, working on RNA synthetic biology and modeling biological systems. Born in Valencia in 1983, I obtained the B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering in 2006 (UPV and Ecole Polytechnique), the M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics in 2008 (UPV), and the Ph.D. in Biotechnology in 2011 (UPV), receiving the fellowships UPV excellence, GVA FPI, HPC-Europa (IDRIS), and EMBO short-term (MIT).
    Sergio López-Madrigal
    Hi there! I am Sergio, a biologist with an specialization in Genetics sciences. Nowadays I am a PhD student, working on Evolutionary and Comparative Genetics in ICBiBE (Valencia). Describing the molecular basis and the evolutionary history of insect-bacteria symbiosis is my thesis goal. I love music, travelling, learning new lenguages, reading scientific articles and specially doing science at the lab. The almost infinite complexity of nature use to amaze me