Team:Valencia Biocampus/Biobricks


Submitted Biobricks


BioBricks are nucleic acid coding molecular biological functions, along with the associated information defining and describing the parts. You can find more information about this on the website of The BioBricks Foundation. Using these molecules any synthetic biologist or biological engineer can program living organisms. All our parts are available to anyone for free via MIT's Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

In the context of our project, we have designed, constructed, and characterised 7 new parts, which have been sent to the Registry. You can find a detailed explanation on how we made our biobricks below.

<groupparts>iGEM012 Valencia_Biocampus</groupparts>

Making our Biobricks

Here you can see an schematic representation of the steps we followed to construct our Biocricks. Pass over each step to check how it looks like in an agarose gel!
Click here to see the image with better resolution

A further explanation of the protocols we used can be found here.