Team:Valencia Biocampus/miembros



    Jose J. Alcaina
    I am José Joaquín. I have studied Industrial Engineering, specializing in industrial electronics, and now I am studying Engineering in Industrial Automation and Electronics.

    I am a serious person who likes the responsible and orderly people. My hobbies include playing tennis and HaxBall and drink beer with friends.

    I am in iGEM because it was recommended by a teacher.

    Sub-teams: Modeling, Wiki and Electronics.
    Tamara Carrillo
    I have recently graduated in Superior Informatics Engineering, and I am currently cursing the last year of Telematics Engineering.

    I consider myself a very dynamic and active person who likes to make the best out of every moment. My goals are to research and to learn continuously. In the future I would like to dedicate and orient my work to research in the field of Simulation and Computer Graphics.

    Participating in the iGEM means a unique chance to use my knowledge in new fields other than my specialty and to reciprocally learn from the experience provided by the rest of the team.

    Sub-teams: Modeling, Wiki/Electronics, Poster
    Lucía Gómez
    I am Lucía. I am one final project away from getting the degree in Biotechnology.

    I love meeting people, learning and having new experiences.

    For me, enter iGEM was primarily a learning opportunity. I wanted to learn how to develop a science project from the beginning to the end, from the idea to the results. I also liked the idea of meeting people and spend a different summer.

    Sub-teams: Yeast, Modeling, Wiki and Poster.
    Mariano Collantes
    I am that type of people who is always smiling.

    What I like most of iGEM is that it is about synthetic biology. In addition, participants from other years told me that it was a very good experience. I also thought it would be so good to my resume.

    Sub-teams: Yeast, Human Practices, Wiki, Presentation, Poster and Crowdfunding.
    Pedro L. Dorado
    I am Pedro, a buffer guy and a third year biotechnologist.

    I am eukaryotic since I was born, but I have a prokaryotic memory. I am a clueless guy who does not like to miss any plan. I would need longer days to do all I want to do. I like opening and closing the laboratory and talking to my bacteria. I entered iGEM in order to meet people who share my interests and because I love synthetic biology.

    Sub-teams: Bacteria, Wiki, Human Practices, Crowdfunding and Poster.
    Alba Iglesias
    I am Alba, a first year biotechnologist.

    I am not talking constantly, but my lab mates say that whenever I speak I say something important. I think I am hard worker and a good person. I like reading, playing football and cooking.

    I entered iGEM because I had never worked in a lab and I was eager to learn. What I like about the iGEM is to have met people with my same interests.

    Sub-teams: Bacteria, Modeling and Crowdfunding.
    Maria Marín
    Hya! I’m Maria, a recently graduate Biologist and a future Geneticist.

    I’m unhinibited but formal, direct but polite, planner but cheeky and ambitious but rational. People use to think my face is like an open book and so you are’re invited to flick through it in the iGEM presentation!

    I love meeting people from around the world and that’s one of the main reasons why I joined the competition and why I’m so looking forward to be there!

    Sub-teams: Bacteria, Human Practices, Presentation
    Lucas J. Morales
    I am Lucas, a third year biotechnologist.

    I am hardworking, cheerful, motivated and like to laugh. My hobbies are playing guitar, reading, watching series, computing and eat chicken with Lamberto.

    I decided to participate in iGEM because I found it very interesting that there was a part of modeling applied to biology.

    Sub-teams: Yeast, Modeling and Wiki.
    Jose L. Racero
    I am José Luis. I have studied Industrial Engineering, specializing in industrial electronics, and now I am studying Engineering in Industrial Automation and Electronics.

    I think I have great people skills, I am very sociable and friendly. I like sports, especially playing football and partying.

    I entered iGEM to learn new things, and to apply what I have studied in a field different from what I have seen in class.

    Sub-teams: Modeling, Wiki and Electronics.
    Luisa M. Martínez
    I am Luisa, a fourth year biotechnologist.

    I think I am a hard worker girl who likes things well done. I like doing science in my spare time and I am really curious.

    I entered iGEM to learn to work together with other students in autonomous way and to travel to jamborees and learn from other projects.

    In the future I would like to investigate abroad and do an Ironman.

    Sub-teams: Yeast, Modeling and Human Practices.
    Lamberto Torralba
    I am Lamberto, a recently graduate biochemist.

    I consider myself funny and friendly and I am so sexy. I like reading science fiction books, sports and eating chicken with Lucas.

    I entered iGEM because I think is a very interesting project and knew I would have fun.

    In the future I would like to investigate in a reputable institution.

    Sub-teams: Bacteria, Human Practices, Modeling and Wiki.
    Guillermo Zafrilla
    My name is Guillermo, but everyone in the lab calls me Zafri. I am a second year biotechnologist.

    I consider myself intuitive and creative and I like to solve problems on my own and be self-taught. I like doing science at home.

    I entered the iGEM because it is an opportunity to begin to investigate, which I love.

    In the future I would like to work in industrial biotechnology.

    Sub-teams: Bacteria and Yeast.