Team:Valencia Biocampus/Attributions




Talking Life has been performed by twelve students, organized in sub-teams. The work has personally been done by us, and distributed as follows:

-Mariano Collantes: Wiki, Talk, Human Practices
-Maria Marin: Bacteria, Talk, Human Practices
-Lucia Gómez: Yeast, Wiki
-Alba Iglesias: Bacteria, Cheater characterization
-Pedro Dorado: Bacteria, Human Practices, Cheater characterization
-Lucas Morales: Yeast, Modelling, Wiki
-Tamara Carrillo: Wiki, Modeling, Voice interphase
-José Joaquin Alcaina: Wiki, modeling, Fluorimeter construction
-José Luis Racero: Wiki, Modeling, Fluorimeter construction
-Guillermo Zafrilla: Bacteria, Yeast
-Luisa Martínez: Yeast, Human Practices
-Lamberto Torralba: Bacteria, Human Practices

Advisors and supervisors

-Bacteria. Lab work supervised by Cristina Vilanova and Manuel Porcar.
-Yeast. Supervised by Marta Tortajada.
-Modelling and hardware. Mainly supervised by Jesús Picó.
-Voice interphase. Supervised by Miguel Lozano.
-Human Practices. Supervised by Ana Delgado.
-Talking Life (movie). Script made by the students of Human Practices as listed above. Professional help (Artefactando) was required for recording and edition. Actor Alfred Picó kindly worked at no cost for this project.