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Notebook: Week 15

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Aims of the Week

This week Erin and Joanne are focused on the modelling section of wiki while Leonard and James are finish the characterisation experiments and uploading the data. Rhiannon is developing explanatory videos for the wiki research pages.

Monday 17th September

Paris visit - Philipp and Bethan are in Paris to meet the iGEM Paris Bettencourt team and speak with Thomas Landrain, the founder of la Paillasse, the Parisian Hackspace.
Hackspace - Yeping finished planning the workshops for the collaboration with the London Hackspace. We're really looking forward to the workshops starting on Wednesday!
Wet lab: Laccase - Aurelija succesfully ligated the laccase gene.
Characterisation: IrrE - Leonard and James produced the first set of growth curves demonstrating the salt tolerance of our plasmid transformed with the IrrE gene:

Tuesday 18th September

Bielefeld exchange - We received the protocols from Bielefeld for their plasmid and Philipp sent Bielefeld our laccase!

Wednesday 19th September

Meeting of the Young Minds - Erin, Joanne and Leonard skyped with Virgil to discuss what kind of participants we expect to take part of our panel for the Meeting of the Young Minds debate.
Hackspace Exhibition Preparation - Philipp, Bethan and Howard went to the Hackspace to help design a box for the exhibition of a gel with the Public BioBrick from our collaboration.
Characterisation: Laccase - James finalised the graph for the syringaldazine assay of laccase activity:

Thursday 20th September

Beacon Bursary Kick-off Meeting - Philipp and Bethan represented our team at the funding meeting to discuss how we are planning and evaluating our use the Beacon Bursary, a public engagement grant we were awarded to run the workshops and exhibition for our collaboration with the biohackers from the London Hackspace.
Wiki Characterisation Data - James finished the plots of IrrE characeterisation to upload onto our wiki and the Registry. These graphs show how salt tolerant our cell is in comparison to our control.

Friday 20th September

Achievement: Ligation - Aurelija's ligation of the Wnu nuclease + linker worked!
Press: C-lab - C-lab published an exciting write-up of our 1st day at the Hackspace
Hackspace Collaboration: Evaluation - Philipp interviewed Aurelija, the last interview with an UCL iGEM team member for the UCL-Hackspace evaluation.

Saturday 21st September

Wetlab: Nuclease Sampling - Aurelija was in the lab bright and early this morning to begin Nuclease sampling.
Modelling: meeting - Erin & Aurelija met to talk over the density model and calculations for curli synthesis predictions.