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Notebook: Week 11

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Aims of the Week

James, Joanne and Bethan aim to create a top-notch presentation in time for iGEM day and our schools presentation. Erin and Joanne plan to put Aurelija's suite of models into Simbiology. Erin will also be finalising plans for the Ratheneua debate set-up via skype with Virgil. Bethan, Philipp and Yeping are meeting with Kimberly to discuss Beacon Bursary funding for DIY bio. Martina, Bouran, Yeping and Aurelija are attending PCR training with Alex. Finally, end of week is the Zombie movie night!

Monday 20th August

UCL iGEM day - We presented to the UCL community! We received some excellent questions and were pleased to have Anthony Finkelstein, the Dean of the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences, and Saul Purton attend.

Tuesday 21st August

DIY Bio: Evaluation - Yeping, Bethan and Philipp met Muki Hacklay to discuss assessing our human practices collaboration with the London Hackspace. The meeting was excellent, Muki recommended some good papers for analysing citizen science projects and suggested a couple people to contact.

Wednesday 22nd August

Presentation: Schools - We presented to the UCL Biosciences Summer School. We had to change our presentation to suit A level students, but it was very well received and they asked some great questions.

Thursday 23rd August

Rathenau Debate Set-up - Erin, Leonard and Martina spoke with Virgil to discuss the set-up for the Ratheneau debate. Erin is now starting to invite speakers for the debate to represent the different perspectives of the disaster scenario.
Human Practice - Beacon Bursary. Yeping, Bethan and Philipp met Kimberly to discuss how we will receive and use the Beacon Bursary for our collaboration with the London Hackspace.
Edinburgh skype - Bouran, Martina and Leonard skyped with Edinburgh to discuss crowdfundraising and collaboration.
Social: Zombie movie night - Having become zombies ourselves, we watched a zombies film marathon at Rhiannon's.

Friday 24th August

Human Practice - Rathenau Debate- Yeping ordered the primers for the Hackspace-UCL workshop. Given our budget, we were restricted to ordering primers for only two genes. Nicholas and the other biohackers settled on two genes: anti-freeze and mercury reductase.

Saturday 25nd August

gemFM episode 3 released: NTNU Trondheim iGEM and Dr Alfred Nordmann .