Team:University College London/Attributions


All work has been conducted by the team except for contributions mentioned here. We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their assistance:

Supervisors, Darren Nesbeth and Eli Keshavarz-Moore - requested funding from UCL Biochemical Engineering Department and provided outstanding support

Yanika Borg, Erick Ramos and Alex Templar - our instructors

Howard Boland from C-LAB, our brilliant friend and artistic advisor.

Dr Paola Gomez-Perira, Researcher in Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems at Southampton University, advised Bouran on Marine Chassis and Bethan on Sediment Sampling and Experimental Design.

Ben Mackrow, Research Associate in Algal Biotechnology at UCL, helped Bouran with Gibson Assembly and Construction feedback.

Jason Gardiner and Douglas Ridgway, from the Alberta iGEM team, gave Bouran feedback on the Alberta BioBricks.

Sean Ward and Markus Gershater, from Synthace, advised Bouran on Experimental Design and for help with electroporation.

Prof. Mike Hoare, gave James and Leonard advice on creating a small scale shear device.

Stuart Duffy, assisted in the creating and operation of the small scale shear device.


Dr David Rowley for help with the initial version of our degradation model

Dr Andrew Martin for his assistance on running PERL scripts

Miriam Goldstein for her help in finding data for the ocean model

Stephen Fawcett for his help with ocean physics

Julie Masura & Peter Ryan for their data on microplastic distribution

Dr Chris Barnes for his tireless support with all aspects of our modelling

Human Practices

Dr Muki Hacklay, advised Philipp, Bethan and Yeping on the development of our DIYbio - citizen science collaboration.

Dr Steve Cross,

Kate Oliver, from UCL Faculty of Engineering, advised Philipp and Bethan on publishing events to the public, finding resources within UCL and lent us tables for our Public BioBrick Exhibition.

Kimberley Freeman and Hillary Jackson, from the UCL Department of Public Engagement, for their support and feedback for our Beacon Bursary application.

Virgil Rerimassie & Dirk Stemerding, from the Rathenau Instituut in Den Haag, supported Erin with our application and development of our proposal for the Meeting of Young Minds debate, held by the Rathenau Institute.

Claire Marris & Maggie Leggett for agreeing to provide support with our position paper for the Meeting of Young Minds debate

Alan Evans at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, for his kind assistance on UNCLOS and international ocean law

Mike Hughes, from Guerrilla Science, advised Yeping and Martina on public outreach and gave feedback on our DIYbio workshops.

William Beaufoy, Simon Rose, Nicolas FitzRoy Dale, Andrew Cousins, Taylor Burcs and Joel Winston from the London Biohackers


Prof Andrea Sella for providing us with dry ice and moral support

Brian O'Sullivan & Gareth Mannall thanks to whom we now have a clean microwave

Paula Thomas & Hayley Powell for their help getting rooms and equipment