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Notebook: Week 16

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Aims of the Week

We start our last week of iGEM with our public exhibition of our collaboration with the biohackers. After the wiki freeze, the five presenters will finish our presentation while the rest of the team work on adding the finishing touches to our poster. On Thursday we're presenting our project to the Life Sciences department while on Thursday and Friday, we will be at Freshers Fair recruiting for next's year team!

Monday 24th September

DIYBio Exhibit - This evening we held our Public BioBrick Exhibition!
Wired article - We were very pleased for Wired to publish their second article on our project today: Joel Winston, an Imperial student in science communication, has been following our collaboration with the London Hackspace and wrote about it for the readers of Wired.

Tuesday 25th September

Hackspace Collaboration: Evaluation - Philipp analysed the results of the questionnaire we posed to both biohackers and iGEM students after our collaboration. The results are positive, indicating both parties felt very involved in the collaboration.
Hackspace Collaboration: BioBrick Submission - Yeping submitted the information about the public biobrick created with the biohackers to the Registry:

Bielefeld Collaboration: Characterisation submission - Aurelija transformed our cells with the Bielefeld laccase plasmid and entered our data for their biobrick on the registry

Wednesday 26th September

C-Lab Article - C-Lab published a great write-up on our Public BioBrick exhibition from Monday.
Wiki party - Today the whole team finished off the final touches to the wiki.


We've had an amazing summer and we're really looking forward to presenting our project next week. Good luck to all the teams and see you in Amsterdam!