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Notebook: Week 14

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Aims of the Week

This week we are making a push to upload all of our data to the wiki and stay on track with the Wiki Gantt chart Rhiannon created - Erin and Joanne are focusing on adding our models. Philipp will be going to Manchester to speak to the founders of the Manchester DIYbio space, MadLab.

Monday 10th September

DIYBio Exhibition Floorplan - Philipp and Bethan worked on a floor plan for the exhibition.
Bielefeld Collaboration: Laccase Exchange - Aurelija decoded the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) form we have to complete to exchange laccase with Bielefeld.

Tuesday 11th September

Regional Jamboree Registration - The whole team successfully registered today for iGEM 2012 Regional Jamboree in Europe!
Press: Sponsume Article - The crowdfundraising website posted a short article Philipp wrote about science fundraising for short-term projects like iGEM:
DIYbio: MadLab - Philipp went to Manchester to speak to the MadLab founders ( about DIYbio culture and public outreach.

Wednesday 12th September

Practice Presentation - Today the team presented to our supervisors and received some good feedback. Overall we really need to improve the clarity of our presentation, it's hard to concisely summarise a summer of work.
DIYBio Exhibition - At the exhibition we want to run a gel in the centre of the room. We need a box to safely contain the gel, light and battery without being knocked over. Helping Philipp and Bethan, Howard has created a design for the box that we will construct with the hackers in the London Hackspace. Bethan has found a podium for our exhibit with the help of Rona from UCL Estates.
Bielefeld - Bielefeld sent us their laccase!

Thursday 13th September

Paris Visit - Philipp corresponded with Gail who booked our flights to Paris!
Exhibition - Philipp secured audio-visual equipment for our Public BioBrick exhibition.
Wiki meeting Erin, Joanne, and Aurelija meet to finalise our modelling plans. As of yet none of our modelling is up on the wiki, so we agree on a series of deadlines to ensure everything is written up well in time for the wiki freeze.

Friday 14th September

Hackspace collaboration: Evaluation Philipp scheduled interviews with all the UCL and Hackspace workshop participants to evaluate the collaboration and workshops.
Meeting of Young Minds Video Opener - Philipp, Erin and Leonard brainstormed the style of video to open our debate at the Meeting of Young Minds. They settled on an advertisement.