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James Rutley James Rutley
I am in year 5 and I am studying MEng Biochemical Engineering with Extra Mural Year. My role within the team is to ensure focus on key targets and deliverables, acting between different groups to ensure that these are achieved, as well as getting hands on in the lab.

Why iGEM?: Synthetic Biology is an exciting field showing a lot of promise, and iGEM appeals to me as a fascinating way of working as part of a very interdisciplinary team in this field and within a competitive environment.
Rhiannon Wilkinson
I am a third year Medic with an iBSC in Genetics, and my key role in iGEM is coordinating the wiki, and carrying out the lab work.

Why iGEM?: As Synthetic Biology is a relatively young area of science, I feel there is a lot of unexplored territory to investigate, and that makes iGEM a particularly pioneering, exciting, and challenging research opportunity. 
Rhiannon Wilkinson
Yeping Lu Yeping Lu
I am a second year Biomedical Scientist and my key role in iGEM is in coordinating Human Practices, and in the characterisation and construction of Biobricks.

Why iGEM?: iGem is fun! It is an interesting blend of creativity and Science!  
Bouran Sohrabi
I am a second year Biochemist and my key role in iGEM is in the characterisation and construction of Biobricks

Why iGEM?: Engineering synthetic organisms? I had to get involved. The field of synthetic biology, as well as this project present numerous challenges and opportunities, and I'm keen to play a part in the growth of this exciting discipline.
I <3 iGEM
Bouran Sohrabi
Aurelija Grigonyte Aurelija Grigonyte
I am a first year Biochemist, and my key role is in coordinating the design of our Poster, and in the characterisation and construction of Biobricks

Why iGEM?: iGEM combines both new field of synthetic biology as well as interdisciplinary research which I am interested in.
Bethan Wolfenden
I am studying biochemistry, and responsible for forming community partnerships and sponsorship.

Why iGEM?: I love the potential of iGEM; by taking part in an undergradute-led research project, we get to truly experience the responsibility and independence of academic life.
Bethan Wolfenden
Martina Sebastian Martina Sebastian
I am a second year Biochemical Engineering student. I am working on public engagement and sponsorship and supporting the characterisation and biobrick construction team.

Why iGEM?: I am so excited to be part of the iGEM team; be able to see synthetic biology from different perspectives and investigate its application to resolve such a huge environmental problem that is the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch and least but not last a summer in the lab sounds like good fun :-)
Joanne Ting Chu En
I'm a second year Medical Physics student and my main responsibility is towards the modelling part of the project.

Why iGEM? I love the interdisciplinary nature of the iGEM project and I like seeing how different fields of science come together to achieve an aim. This also provides both a challenge and an opportunity to explore how I could apply my knowledge as a physicist in the field of SynBio. How could I not be involved?
Joanne Ting Chu En
Erin Oerton Erin Oerton
I am a second year Computer Scientist and my key role is part of the computer modelling team.

Why iGEM?: The DNA-as-programming-language concept of synthetic biology appeals to me both as a computer scientist and as a former A-level Biology student - I think it's an area with massive potential and I can't wait to see what the future holds for for SynBio!
Philipp Boeing
I'm a second year Computer Science student. I helped recruiting the team and my main job is making sure we go as far as we can.

Why iGEM?: I'm very excited by the potential of synthetic biology and I think iGEM is a particularly great project, because it involves so many different aspects: lab work, modeling, marketing, human practice...
Philipp Boeing
Carina Tran Carina Tran
I’m a second year Architecture student, and my key role in iGEM is relating our project to the built environment and pushing the ideas to tangible possibilities. I am also responsible for the visual communication of our project.

Why iGEM?: In the world of architecture studies it is completely rare to be able to have access to a hands-on research method. My passion lies completely within the idea of turning waste into a resource and the potentials of iGEM seemed far too exciting to pass up.
Leonard Wen Yan Leong
I am a second year Biochemical Engineer, and my key role in iGEM is in characterisation and construction of Biobricks.

Why iGEM?: It's a great collaboration between different fields, creating something new - and oh yeah, it's extremely geeky!
Leonard Wen Yan Leong
Erick Ramos Erick Ramos
I am studying an MRes in Synthetic Biology and carrying out my MRes project on genetic networks for bioprocess control at the Biochemical Engineering Department. My role as an instructor involves helping with construction of the different modules, characterisation and modelling.

Why iGEM?: I find Synthetic Biology a fascinating field of study to develop new technology for current and future problems; iGEM also represents a good opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills in the field.
Yanika Borg
I am a second year PhD student at the Biochemical Engineering and Maths department, where I carry out research in Synthetic Biology. My role within the team is as an instructor, and throughout this summer I have helped the team with aspects of modelling and experimental lab work and troubleshooting.

Why iGEM?: This project relates directly to my field of study, so it allowed me the opportunity to work in and learn more about the subject.
Yanika Borg