The UT-Tokyo-Software team has worked in close cooperation with other iGEM teams this summer. Here we detail some of these cooperative efforts.

Collaboration with UT-Tokyo (wet) team

We collaborated closely especially with UT-Tokyo team in many aspects.

  • We worked together in external affairs to gain financial and material support.
  • We participated in School Festival held in May and made exhibitions about iGEM together.
  • Our team got numerous feedback on our BioBrick Search from UT-Tokyo (wet) team.
  • We took their comments into consideration.The main points of improvement are:
     -Save the history of the words you've searched at the top of the page.
     -Add a link to Parts Registry's page.

iGEM JAPAN exchange meet-ups

We participated in a iGEM JAPAN exchange meet-up held in Aug 14 at Tokyo Metropolitan University, where iGEM teams from Japan gathered, made presentations on their projects and shared opinions on these projects. Our team introduced our project, especially BioBrick Search, which was already in action at that time, to other teams. This enabled them to take advantage of our tools. Also, we gained a lot of feedback from other teams that were essential in improving our tools. It was a great opportunity for all of us.

BioBrick Search

We put up a community post regarding BioBrick Search to let other iGEM teams around the world know about our tool ( We got access from 16 different countries and other iGEM teams, in general, gave us favorable responses. The feedback we received include:

  • We successfully found the appropriate parts from their functions.
  • We took into account the "reliability" score to determine which BioBrick parts to use.
  • Our project is similar to a past project from Tokyo Tech and we used this tool to find the parts that Tokyo Tech submitted.