Programming book

To improve our programming skill, we create a program every week (from March to July).
Some interesting and interactive programs are as follows.
(Click a thumbnail and move to another page where the details are given. In that page, you can use the application by yourself on your browser!)

Note book

Feb - Mar :

Studying about iGEM, and the past software teams' projects.

Apr - May :

Decided to take part in “May Festival”, our university's festival with team UT-Tokyo, we talk about the software exhibited at that time.
Gamification -- turn non-game concepts into game -- is our main theme, because we think it is important to attract people who are not interested in synthetic biology to enjoyable games!
And after discussions, we create the “Memory Game”. This game uses BioBrick-like materials.(-> you can play it here)
This colorful game gathers visitors' attentions.

Jun - Jul :

Talking after talking.
We gather and talk about our projects a lot.
What we should create? What is its feature?

Aug - Sep :

Program the software, receive feedback from other teams as well as members, and improve.
On August 13th, we participate “iGEM JAPAN exchange meet-ups” and make a presentation.
And now, we prepare for the asia Jamboree.