Software tools for iGEMers : BioBrick/Project Search & Tutorials

We developed new search and educational tools to assist iGEM teams. For many teams, the majority of team members are new-comers. Our primary goal therefore is to aid these beginners get used to iGEM earlier to make project initiation swift. All of our tools are web-based and have user-friendly interfaces enabling users to gain quick access to needed information. Our project consists of the following four tools.

“BioBrick Search” improves convenience in searching BioBrick parts by a sophisticated interface and an ordering algorithm taking into acount the parts' frequency of use. With “Past Project Search”, you can run a keyword search for all past projects and access past teams' presentation material easily. “BioBrick Puzzle” and “Gene Network Game” are educational games intended for beginners to acquire knowledge about BioBricks and gene networks, which aides them to plan their projects and conduct experiments.

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BioBrick Puzzle

    Gene Network Game

Past Project Search

     BioBrick Search