BioBrick Puzzle

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Latest Update

At the Asia Jamboree, many iGEM participants played this game with fun.
However, we realized that some players were having trouble with playing, because they were not familiar with the idea of BioBricks and how to assemble them.
So, we thought the game will be more useful with some teaching material, which we have added.
Try our updated version of the BioBrick Puzzle!


"BioBrick Puzzle" is a puzzle game for played for the purpose of learning BioBrick Standard assembly easily and enjoyably.  In this game, the challenge is to make a complex BioBrick part from several simple BioBrick parts provided.

BioBrick Puzzle


BioBrick is unique in its idempotent design for efficient assembly.  However, because of this uniqueness, if one wants to take part in iGEM and start his/her activites, it is necessary to learn about Biobricks for example by reading papers or taking tutorials on the web (iGEM's official web site).  But reading papers is tough for beginners, and although reading a static web site is rather easy it may be hard to grasp the actual feeling of the operations and understand the value of the assembly technique.  Considering these problems, we created "BioBrick Puzzle", in which you can enjoy and learn about the BioBrick standard assembly process in an interactive way.  Playing with this game and experiencing the Assembly process, we think the user can understand the characteristics of BioBricks more easily.



We utilized HTML5 and JavaScript to make our web-based software easy to use.  Since our software uses "canvas" of HTML5, any computer with modern internet browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari) can run it without any preparation.  This is quite convenient considering that most software requires installing or compiling.


As stated above, we created a user-friendly software with web-based technology, but some problems remain in the comprehensiveness of the content.  In the future, we would like to

  • expand the game to cover additional assembly methods

  • develop more originality or novelty as a "web-based" software, such as scoreboard-system.