Software tools for iGEMers : BioBrick/Project Search & Tutorials

When you first decided to take part in iGEM, you might have spent a lot of time on things such as learning about BioBricks and how to use them, searching a vast library of past projects, and looking for relevant parts.
These difficulties are common, so you are not alone among beginners to stumble upon them, halting the progression of determinig your team project.

However, there are presently only a few tools which help beginners from spending too much time.
Most software made by past teams target Synthetic biologists, those already farmiliar with iGEM to some extent, and are only available after long steps -- downloading, decompressing, and installing.

So, we decided to create a set of tools helpful to beginners.
If common obstacles can be removed, you can spend more time thinking about your project.

We have created two types of software : the Tutorial and the Searching System.

The Tutorial helps you understand concepts that beginners frequently stumble on, and what BioBricks and Genetic Networks are.
We have gamified the totorial, making it enjoyable to read.

The Searching System saves your time searching past projects and BioBrick parts.
You can easily access the information you really want.

Detailed descriptions are on individual project pages.
Please go to -> BioBrick Puzzle, Gene Network Game, Past Project Search, BioBrick Search