Are there Venusian? Is it possible that there are creatures living on the Venus? Dreams will come true by the symbiosis of cyanobacteria and eukaryotes.

Cyanobacteria obtain their energy by photosynthesis. Sulfide-dependent photosynthesis cyanobacteria could resist the harmful environment and do the electron transport by sulfide quinine reductase(SQR), which we cloned previously. Additionally, references revealedwhen engineered with invasin(inv) from Yersiniapestis and listeriolysin O(llo) from Listeria monocytogenes, S. elongates was able to invade cultured mammalian cells.

The symbiosis possibility of induced pluripotent stem cells from mice and J774 mouse macrophage cell line were evaluated. Results showed that invasin(inv,from Yersiniapestis) and listeriolysin O(llo, from Listeria monocytogenes) transformation would raise the entry speed and escape rate in J774 mouse macrophage cell line, and would increase the recruitment of cyanobacteria on induced pluripotent stem cells.