Human Practice

2012 Taiwan iGEMer Fest

Synthetic biology is a new research area which has been developing at an amazing speed in recent years. One of the important events that contribute to its development is the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition. Students that participate in iGEM share their ideas with top students all around the world by building their own biological systems using standard, interchangeable parts.

Students from Taiwan began to participate in this event from 2007. The number of teams from Taiwan has increased to 4 from only 1 at the beginning. Considering that Taiwan is a small island on the Earth and lack of source to let all students do their best on international event, a platform for communication and cooperation between students from Taiwan are really needed. So, a meeting for Taiwan iGEMers -- 2012 Taiwan iGEMer fest -- held at National Yang Ming University (NYMU) on August 15th (Wed).

The theme of this meeting is “iGEM – let the crazy idea come true". During the meeting, students made subjective reports and reviews. iGEM teams display the current progress of their projects, and share their experiences with meeting participants.

The meeting will open to all undergraduates, graduate students and researchers who are interested in iGEM and synthetic biology. We encourage the participants to interact with each participant during this time meetup. The meetup is supported by Institute of Biomedical informatics, NYMU.


I’m so glad to have the opportunity to participate in the 2012 Taiwan iGEMer fest because this is the first time that iGEM teams from Taiwan got together to share our interest in Synthetic biology and iGEM. As a freshman in NYMU-Taipei iGEM team and just coming to NYMU nearly a year ago, the happy in my mind cannot be described with words.

At the beginning of the fest, the leaders of three teams introduced each team members to everyone. Although we had probably communicate with each other before on the facebook where offers the client a way to build up clubs, I made a lot of friends who study in NTU or NCTU.

The teachers who participated in the meetup paid attention to each team’s report and gave a lot of good advice to immediately after the report. In this meetup, each team had 30 minutes to answer the questions from teachers or other two teams. I thought it’s a good program to help us get more experience and learn.

Besides, when the guys made a discussion on the cooperation issue, we shared a lot of new ideas with each and enjoyed funs. We planned a lot of new ways of human practice and prepared to implement.