Our Ultimate Goal !


Due to rapid population growth, the environmental problems are worsened and even threatening to ruin our lovely Earth. Yet somehow, human being will be able to come up with the solution to such problem, just like the famous quote from Jurassic Park: “Life finds way”. In the 16th century, when every street in Europe is overfilled with people, a remarkable era called Great Navigations started, in which people migrated and colonized to the new world. And now, our project aims to do something familiar. We offer a novel approach to solve the environmental crisis. Our project can not only reduce pollutants but also adapt human being to the contaminated environment. That is, endue mankind with special ability by artificial endosymbiosis. The simple conceptual principle is, an unicellular cyanobacteria with novel sulfur and nitrogen metabolizing bio-bricks could automatically invade into human by a invasin system similar to Listeria. As the cell was equipped with engineered cyanobacteria, we not only reconstruct the primal processes of endosymbiosis but also pioneer a new way to engineer organisms. Eventually, a new human species will be created.

Welcome to our Campus
Founded in 1974, National Yang-Ming University, formerly known as National Yang-Ming College of Medicine, has been adhering to the school motto of "benevolent mind and art, putting knowledge into practice" while training excellent humane doctors to provide service by solving medical problems in remote and rural areas.