Chuan-Hsiung Chang
Associate Professor
Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Institute of Biomedical Informatics
National Yang Ming University
NYMU Synthetic Biology iGEM Team

Chih-Hsien Yang
Ph.D Candidate, Genome Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Biomedical
Informatics, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan

Pei-Hong Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Bioinformatics & Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan



Jesse Wu is a ctrl+s trigger happy person who loves programming.
He likes listening to cantonese pop and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.
In his spare time, he sings.



I am team leader Shi Hao.
My dream is to let the world see Taiwan.
My job in iGEM is to coordinate everything, and make sure that everyone and everything go well.



I am Chun-Kang.
I am responsible for contacting entrepreneur iGEM team, implementing Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation project, conducting SRB experiment and propagating iGEM to new NYMU students.



En-Jie Shih is a second-year student majoring medicine at NYMU.
She is the person in charge of human practice and also helps doing the experiment.


Yi Lun is a third-year student specialized in medicine.
He loves movies and soccer.
He is responsible for Nap gene cloning, modeling and website design.




I’m Chris Yen-Chen Lo. My major is Medical technology & Radiology.
I am responsible for sulfur Oxide Terminator Design, gene construction, experiment performance, universal human practice and oral presentation.

Ting Yi is in the department of Medicine.
He is responsible for most of the cloning experiment and the primary testing design for part BBa-K896000.
As for human practice, he is responsible for the Taiwan iGEMer's fest.

Chiu Hsun-I is a senior in National Yang Ming University majoring in medicine.
Chiu helped with cell culturing, symbiosis experiment and cloning of SQR gene.


My name is Chen Shao-Lun. I am in the Department of Medicine. I’m responsible for the Cd2+ cleanup subject in our iGEM team. I designed the circuit and did the wet-lab experiment.


Adonis is in medicine department.
Adonis’ main contribution to NYMU iGEM team includes the design of denitrification, the experiment of Sulfide-quinone Reductase and several human practice.


Hello, my name is Chung-Yu Huang. I major in Biomedical engineering.
In NYMU-Taipei team, I devoted myself to plan on 2012 Taiwan iGEMer Fest. Also, I participated in many activities which are belong to Human practice part.