1. Desulfovibrio desulfuricans is a kind of anaerobe bacteria, so it’s important to modify suitable environment for them.

In wrong way to culture Desulfovibrio desulfuricans, the mediun turn red


2. Bioinformation tools are convenient, by using them, we can save lots of time, even though they are not totally right.

NCBI blast is a kind of powerful bioinformation tool ( )

3. Standard plasmid-pSB1C3 is a unified biobrick. However, if target gene with endogenous ECoRI, PstI, XbaI and SpeI site, we have to modify pSB1C3 and create several new cloning site.

4. According to our experiment data compared to the standard curve, we logical predict our Cys I sulfite reductase can remove at least 30uM H2S in 48hr, which is quite big amount!! That is, our artificial cyanobacteria can perform bioremediation.

5. Chemical microvolume turbidimetry method is a cheap, easy H2S detection way. But, we still need to analyze H2S with GS/MS or HPLC to increase specificity.

6. Due to H2S will dissolve into water, when analyzing H2S with DPDA solution, we had better detect both water layer and gas layer.