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GC-MS Analysis

Following organic extraction of the organic compound degrading cultures and controls, the samples were analyzed via autoinjection on an Agilent GC-MS system (model 7890A GC, model 5975C inert XL MSD) equipped with an HP-1 capillary column (50 m x 0.32 mm i.d. x 0.2 μm film, Agilent Technologies, Inc.). The samples were analyzed in split mode (50:1 split), with the inlet held at 270°C. The starting oven temperature was 160°C, held for 5 min, then increased at a rate of 4°C/min to 220°C. The mass transfer line was held at 280°C.

After analysis, the peak areas under the organic compound of interest and hexadecane (the extraction standard) were integrated using the Agilent Chemstation software.