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Here is a collection of all the parts we have submitted over the course of this project. Details of each part can be found on their respective pages on both the Registry and this wiki.

Parts of FRED

In terms of FRED, we submitted, two novel hydrolase enzymes as well as generators and composite parts for each.

Parts of OSCAR

In terms of OSCAR, we submitted two novel genes for use in decarboxylation, previously submitted xylE and catalase genes with new promoters, novel desulfurization and denitrogenation enzymes and composite parts and finally, a functional oxidoreductase enzyme expression construct as well as a functional amidase expression construct.

Killswitch Parts

In terms of our killswitch project, we submitted three novel riboswitches and their respective promoters, a novel inducible/repressible promoter as well as composite parts with each including five functional circuits with either GFP or the S7 micrococcal nuclease.