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Outtakes, Bloopers, Shenanigans

Supplies Usage

Below is a rough enumeration of the total number of supplies our team used in our experiments over the summer and into the fall. We couldn't quite believe some of these numbers when we started calculating them.

Lab Supply Quantity Used
Antibiotic Agar Plates 4,400
DNA Minipreps 6,160
Falcon Tubes 7,700
Microcentrifuge Tubes 66,000
PCR Tubes 33,000
Pipette Tips 158,000

Wiki Freeze Panic

Coffee Usage - Wiki Freeze Night - 8:00 PM

Yay! Coffee is what keeps us going!


Sleeping Jeff

What keeps him going? Maybe all the Tim's from above?

UCalgary Jeff Sleep.jpg

Pipette Tip Cards

This could be tricky! Don't fall, don't fall!

UCalgary Pipette Tip Brackets.jpg