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Outreach videos

Science communication needs to have two components: the transmission of basic knowledge to society and discussions of societal issues. The first of these components was addressed with a series of videos produced with the collaboration of a Non-Profit Organization devoted to this practice: Más Ciencia por México. In these videos, we attempt to explain through fun and thought-provoking visual images the history, methodology, achievements and expectations of Synthetic Biology, Genetically Modified Organisms, and Genomic Sciences.

These videos help us to achieve the first part of the communication process: sending the right information to the general public. Additionally, the videos are being used as break bumpers in the official video podcast of the Morelos Academy of Science called Charlas con Científicos (Chatting with scientists), which also follows the same scheme of correspondence with many sectors of the society through a weekly interview. We hope that the collaboration and synergic effort with these academic organizations help us reach even more public!

You will find a sample of everything we’ve told you about below.

If you can´t watch all of our playlist, we recommend you the following examples that represent the general idea.

From our collaboration with Más Ciencia por México we have got published, so far, the following pages in their own blog:

Presentation of the proyect, published here (in Spanish) What is DNA? and What is a gene?, published here (in Spanish)


Más Ciencia por México's blog featuring our work!

The weekly video podcast of the Morelos Academy of Sciences can be watched every Thursday at 5:00 PM CDT directly in their homepage.


Morelos Academy of Science's podcast featuring our work!


Please see our complete set of videos by the clicking the following image:


Our videos