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Meet the UNAM Genomics Mexico Team


Our Team

The complete team of unam genomics mexico its composed mainly by undergraduate students, 4 advisors, and 2 instructors

Our Instructors

Our instructors and advisors ready to be shoot by a Biobrick squad


David Romero-Camarena
This guy is our instructor
His program is devoted to understanding the forces and mechanisms that have shaped the genomic architecture of plant-associated proteobacteria (specifically of Rhizobium sp.) , both in the short-term and in an evolutionary perspective.


Otto Geiger
This guy is our instructor
Geiger's group discovered the phosphatidylcholine synthase pathway which constitutes a major route for phosphatidylcholine formation in bacteria as well as the biosynthesis pathway for ornithine-containing lipids which are widespread bioactive lipids encountered in eubacterial membranes.


Osbaldo Resendis-Antonio
This guy is our instructor
His guidance has been fundamental in the development of our model.


Our Advisors


Hector F. Medina
This guy is our modeling advisor
Hector is well known in the iGEM dark side as "Mamma Raven". He is also awesome at modeling... just look at his photo!


Rogelio Hernandez Tamayo
This guy is our wet-lab advisor
He's the most excited advisor to be part of this year's team!


Miguel Angel Wences Guzman
This guy is our wet-lab advisor
He's the positive advisor of our team, always telling us that everything is ok. He is also a little bit workoholic, and proud of it!


Fares Osam Yáñez Cuña
This guy is our wet-lab advisor
He was veeeery patient with us. Reaaaally patient!!

UnamgenomicsteamPepe con ursus.jpg

Jose Antonio Alonso-Pavon
This guy is our Ethics and Human Practices advisor
"Pepe" could easily hold a PhD in finding videos from that weird part of Youtube. He also likes to push our limits making us think about the non-evident stuff, with doomsday scenarios and the occasional hypothetical murders


Meet our team

Here we are the Super UNAM Genomics TEAM :)


Abiel Trevino Garza
This guy is our team leader
He is also our favorite subject for hypothetical murders in our Ethics class


Maria Angelica Bravo
Mariange always has a smile in her face. She loves to read a lot of books, and she's also a hardcore gammer. Don't mess with her while is playing or you will probably be seriously injured.


Diego Rodríguez
Diego is like a teddy bear who always wears a yellow T-shirt, and spends his free hours playing pokemon and nintendo.


Dulce Beatriz Vargas Landin
Dulce is well known as Super Girl, and holds the extraordinary superpower of breaking any bathroom in the lab. Dulce also enjoys belly dancing in order to make money for the lab ... hehehe just kidding; In fact she is an awesome belly dancer.


Jonathan Padilla Gómez
This guy can solve a Rubik's cube before you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." He also enjoys watching Korean Dramas.


Ana Karen Mojica Avila
She is like a litte werewolf ... Don't piss her off because she bites really hard... really!!! She has also a crush with little pink pigs.


Benjamín Hernández Rodríguez
He is like a ninja: you're not aware of Benjamin until he's already by your side.


Diana Vera Cruz
She is a really good salsa dancer, and enjoys spending time in the lab.


Roberto Tirado Magallanes
Roberto enjoys playing Pokemon and singing norteño music. He's well known in the underground world as "Trollberto"


Laura Teresa Jimenez Barrón
She loves cats, she loves every kind of cat, and just wants to hug them all. She is also the cute voice of Mrs. Cohnnie :)


Rebeca Borges Monroy
Rebeca has a problem with nutella; actually, she is in nutella rehab. She also has a problem with cupcakes: don't leave any cupcakes near her or it will mysteriously dissapear.