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Mexico meeting.

Mexico meeting

On August 10th, 5 of the 7 Mexican teams attended to a meeting organized by the Cinvestav-IPN-UNAM team in Irapuato, Gto. The purpose of the meeting was not only the presentation of the project by each team, but also the discussion about the status of the projects, observed troubles, possible collaborations and perspectives.

Since bioremediation until allergies test improvements, the projects began to take shape, the presentations included the description of the central idea and the designed system; the approaches made to get it; the status on wet lab and prospectives for math modeling and human practices. Each team had chance to get a feedback and to give their opinion to other teams, the discussion and diversity of perspectives made it rich and full of new ideas and implementations to each project.

After the projects presentation, the troubles faced by each team were exposed; some of them were a common trouble for all, mainly the difficulties with customs in order to get the distribution kit plates or synthesis. Also we detected some troubles with the distributions because some parts didn’t seem to work or the localization within the plate wasn´t the correct one. About the possible contributions, the production of a set of videos about wet lab protocols and help with parts characterization were concreted. Also since our team had an easy way to deal with customs for the import of kit plates, we decided to share the protocol that we use for it with other teams for future competitions.

Here is the link to GDOCS to the Parts with fails

Here ges some of the iGEM Teams speaking about their pojects