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Our Partners, Sponsors and Friends.

We would like to send a shout out to the people whose help and support helped us in the realization of this project.

Government of the State of Tamaulipas, Instituto Tamaulipeco para la Cultura y las Artes and the COTACYT Consejo Tamaulipeco de Ciencia y Tecnología for their support and sponsorship with BioSintetizArte and their hosting of the exhibitions and the talks in the future.


Government of the State of Tamaulipas

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Instituto Tamaulipeco para la Cultura y las Artes



The non-profit organizations Más Ciencia por México and Academia de Ciencias de Morelos for their support in the outreach strategy and finding places to present our talks.


Más Ciencia por México


Academia de Ciencias de Morelos

To our university and our program, the Center for Genomic Sciences and Licenciatura en Ciencias Genómicas for their everlasting support in every possible way!

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Center for Genomic Sciences


Licenciatura en Ciencias Genómicas

We would like to thank profoundly the following people that, at some point of the project, helped us with their perspectives, ideas, connections, and their helping hands.

  • A big thank you to our panelists, Julia, Martín, David and Alejandra, for accepting the invitation to be part of this proyect
  • Karla Cedano and everyone at Inno-ba, for their precise and insightful comments, as well as helping with the diffusion of our events with the press.
  • Meztli Matadamas, for helping us with our videos and bearing with us through our moments of sheer stress.

Podcast Collaboration

We collaborated with the teams of the University of Cornell, SDU-Denmark and University of Illinois, in the production of a podcast about some of the Ethical, Social, and Environmental implications of large-scale genetic engineering projects in modern society by creating a series of videos accessible to the general public. Our topic was the Genetic Modified Organisms.

Our task was to present a video of "Genetic Modified Organism", in which we explain what is happening nowadays with it, and some implications that this topic has in the society. We tried to explain it in a way that everyone understands the idea.

Our video focused on transgenic organisms. We wanted to give simple examples so that the general audience could learn about how genetic engineering techniques are being used to satisfy increasing demands of food, how they might help cure diseases, and produce medicine in large amounts to reduce costs. We also included alternatives of how animals are being used without genetic modification, for example, by taking advantage of their dung as a non-poisonous repellent.We want to thank them for this opportunity. You can watch the video here:

Transgenic Organisms

Collaboration with the University of Munchen

We were awarded the “most famous Original Bavarian Collaboration-Medal for answering the survey about Bioparts they sent us.

This team completed TU Munich's survey on Standardization of BioBrick part descriptions

Fiends TEAM