Human Practice

■Science Agora 2011

Science Agora , held at Tokyo Academic Park in November every year, is the largest science communication event in Japan. Participants are kids and parents, students, companies, researchers and so on. We took part in it with two other Japanese teams last year after the end of 2011 iGEM competition. In this big meeting, we exhibited posters that we used in World Jamboree and gave an account of iGEM and our project to not only specialists but also the public by using new posters. This was also good chance to explain synthetic biology to the public.

■Lecture at secondary school

On July 11, 2012, our team made a lecture at the career guidance to the 9th graders of Minamitama Metropolitan Secondary School. We described our project and activities of iGEM in the lecture and caught many interests about synthetic biology and iGEM from the future researchers.

In the one-hour lecture, we talked broadly about of our campus life and then focused on iGEM as an activity example. However, the students had no basic knowledge of synthetic biology. Therefore, began with catchy topics, used easy words besides technical terms and used more figures and illustrations besides long explanations to make the whole lecture more understandable. The reactions of the students were good. They paid good attention to our lecture and some were taking notes. The fact that iGEM is an international competition seemed to attracted their ambition.

Through this short time, we believe that we were able to make notice the 9th graders that there is a science field called “synthetic biology” and that there is an international competition for synthetic biology students. We gained many attention and interests of the becoming scientists to this field and iGEM.

■High school and university collaboration

In Tokyo Metropolitan University, collaboration activity with high school is frequently planned as a university's project. On July 11, 2012, the same day to a lecture in Minamitama Metropolitan Secondary School, it was held. We explained our project and activities of iGEM and caught many interests about synthetic biology.

Other Participation

■Alumni Association of Tokyo Metropolitan University We told about iGEM to alumni and alumnae of TMU (Tokyo Metropolitan University) Many people from not only the Biology Department but also other Departments were interested in our activity.

■iGEM Japan Meet up

On 13 Aug, iGEM teams in Japan assembled and exchanged information. Participated teams are:


A flurry of many pointed questions were realized.
TMU-Tokyo served as the host team, so meet up was held in Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Next Japan meet up is 28 Sep. We are planning to rehearsal of Asia Jamboree.