1st week (8.13 - 8.19)
2nd week (8.20 - 8.26)
3rd week (8.27 - 9. 2)
4th week (9. 3 - 9. 9)
5th week (9.10 - 9.16)
6th week (9.17 - 9.23)
7th week (9.24 - 9.30)


Device1 Assay
Device2 Assay
Device3 Assay


We described detail about experiment, protocols, and assay.

Genetic recombination experiment we did is described. We divided the experiment plan to parts completion and some teams concentrated on allocated experiments.

We crated own protocols with reference to the previous experiments last year, researching both inside and outside the team. Additionally, we improve the researched protocols through our experiments. So our protocols described here is really reliable. It must be useful in your experiments.

In order to confirm synthesized devices, we experimented functions of the devices using Escherichia coli transformed by plasmids inserted our devices.