Team:TMU-Tokyo/Project abstract





We planed to create E.coli which removes formaldehyde, named Chef Ant E.coli. It is appended 3 devices and gets removal ability of formaldehyde.

The pathway of formaldehyde remove is done through 2 stages. First, formaldehyde dehydrogenase derived from Pseudomonas putida (PFDH) changes formaldehyde to formate. Subsequently, formate dehydrogenase derived from Methylobacterium extorquens (FDH4) changes formate to water and carbon dioxide.

In parallel with this dehydrohenation, formaldehyde content is measured with GFP. So Chef Ant E. coli enables to visualize formaldehyde decomposing process.

Following is device details.

Device1; Visualize formaldehyde with GFP.
Device2; Dehydrogenize formaldehyde to formate.
Device3; Dehydrogenize formate to carbon dioxide and water.

Details of our devices is available each device page.


This is the pathway of formaldehyde visualization and removal.


Project Top Abstract Device1 Device2 Device3