Wet Lab Member

I'm Zhang Chunyan, a junior majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology.Many friends call me "XUEBA".You may ask what "XUEBA" means? "XUEBA" means a person who is always studying and loves studying wholeheartedly.General speaking, I am quite good at studying.Therefore I have got many scholarships,such as the National Scholarship,which is one of the highest honors for a college student. Besides study, I am a girl who enjoys living a varied and graceful life.I am fond of reading novels in my spare time,such as Around the World in 80 Days. Like other girls,flowers and clothes are my hobbies as well .Particularly,I am looking forward to my first rose from Mr Right. As for sports, I love tennis!Roger Federer has been my idol for a long time.However,I a m not quite good at playing tennis and I determine to make great progress in the near future. I feel very lucky to be a member of the team,which is full of wisdom,unity ,enthusiasm and energy. We get together for the same dream. These days will be one of my most memorable time in my life .We struggle jointly to make our dream come true! I believe we can as long as we want!