Parameter sweep

Aim:To discover the optimized ranges of important parameters and get specific directions from simulation heatmap.


Brief Result:We determined the optimal parameter ranges for the ternary system, and selected a best parameter set for noise analysis.

Why choose slope as an indicator?

Slope is given by : Slope= Δ[m]steady/Δratio=2* ([m]steady1:1 - [m]steady1:2)

Also slope is not the only candidate indicator, the other indicator candidates weeded out are given below:

‘Sensitive’ does not means ‘important’

Sensitive does not means important, for sensitive parameters are fixed inherently and are not adjustable, always.
We swept 4 parameters for the reasons given below:

Establish parameter sweep database (4 parameters at the same time)

We swept km,βm,αm, ks at the same time and collected 120,000 3-ODE steady-state datapoints by mass computation.
For the database is a collection of 5-Dimensional data points, it’s rational to show the result in the format of projection on 2-D surface to indicate the relationship between slope and arbitrary 2 parameters we swept

Comparator(slope vs. arbitrary 2 parameters)

Ratio Senor(slope vs. arbitrary 2 parameters)

Determine optimal parameter range

We screened the database to get rid of unreasonable datapoints with restrictions:

We will use the best parameter set to perform noise analysis.

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