Is genetically modified food safe or not? Is genetic engineering or synthetic biology a horrible weapon? What would the world be if we insist on modifying the genetic material of our fellow organisms? Being the species that has made more changes to earth than any other form of life means a lot of duty. Greater ability brings forth the need for further responsibility. We, human beings, must think over what we are doing. Here comes the necessity for human practice.Our work on human practice can be concluded into 3 parts. First, leaving more people with the impression that synthetic biology is not equal to Resident Evil. It’s not only a question of making synthetic biology known to the world; it’s a human right for every person to know what is really going on. As iGEMers, we have the duty to make iGEM known and eliminate misunderstandings about the subject. We have held a number of activities, lectures and camps aimed at children and young adults during the last summer vacation about iGEM and synthetic biology.Second, learning more about lab safety when coming to genetic engineering and paying close attention to safety when do experiments. For this reason, we studied safety on iGEM safety page, searched from the internet and consulted professors. This summer, we contacted QIBEBT and learned how to regulate a molecular lab. Third, reflecting on our humanistic sensibilities. Our final goal is to protect the environment and make a better future through our own hands. We must do experiments environmentally friendly. Synthetic biology is a subject that can modify genes and change the world. We must value all the living things on the earth and treat them with respect.


Nov.2011: Meeting with Peking iGEM Team

Nov.2011 : A Visit to Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Science

Dec.2011 : Meeting with Researcher Xu Jian in Ouc iGEM Lab

Feb.2012:Winter camp for brain storming

April.2012:Introduce our project to professors and students in our university.
Lecture of iGEM in OUC

June.2012:Popularization of bioscience with young kids in class

July.2012:Hands-on experience summer camp with Qingdao No.2 High School.
Do experiments and make iGEM known in QIBEBT.

Aug.2012:2th summer camp of life science and technology