Xu Jian
Academic title: Professor
Phone: 0532-80662654

Bao Zhenmin
Academic title: Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Research interest: Shellfish genetic breeding

Mao Yunxiang
Academic title: Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Research interest: Conservation Genetics and Germplasm Collection of Seaweed
Molecular Genetic Breeding and Varity Improvement of Economical Seaweed
Genomic and Genetic Dissection of Economical and Stress-tolerant Traits of Algae
Reproductive Biology of Seaweed and Techniques Development of Ecological Cultivation

Gong Qingli
Academic title:Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Research interest: Seaweed learning and algae breeding

Yang Guanpin
Academic title:Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Research interest: Marine economical breeding, marine microbiology

Liu Chenguang
Academic title:Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Research interest: research and application of Marine biological enzyme
Molecular Genetic Breeding and Varity Improvement of Economical Seaweed
Polysaccharide biological materials and drug control-released carrier enzyme
Enzyme immobilization and nano biotechnology

Ma bo
Academic title:Associate Professor
Lead of Microfluidics Single Cell Platform Team Functional Genomics
Group Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dong Shugang
Academic title: Professor, Doctoral supervisor
Research interest: Seaweed physiology and ecology

Communication with Other Teams

It’s the second year for us to participate in iGEM, and we are lucky enough to have obtained much help from other teams. Especially, we communicate with the team of Peking University frequently. And we constructed good relationship with iGEM teams around the world through helping them in different ways. This year we started our modeling design without any experience from before. As for our noise analysis-model, ETH University helped us solve the fundamental problem of how to apply Gillespei Algorithm. And through communicating with Peking University, we have learned how to change whole biological reactions to elementary reactions and how to apply chemical mass action law.For 2012 world jamboree, Boston University buy the helium for us in advance to help our team show our project.

OUC-China iGEM Team belongs to Ocean University of China Association of Science and Technology (OAST). We did nearly half of the experiments in the lab of OAST. The experiments of GVP were totally done in it. Besides, most human practices were done with the help of other people in the Organization. We held Hands-on experience summer camp and 2th summer camp of life science and technology in favor of OAST this summer. Almost every iGEMers in ours team are OASTers. We love iGEM, and we love OAST.

Special Friends

Yang Liu : He is our advisor, he is our teacher, and what’s more, he is like our elder brother. One year before, we knew nothing about synthetic biology. He taught us a lot about experiments, managing lab and how to be a REAL scientist. With his help, we did most experiment of GVP and manage lab smoothly.

Wei Liu :She is our advisor and girlfriend of Yang Liu. Besides Yang Liu, she did much favor for us and helped Yang Liu to teach us Synthetic Biology. Because our team was divided into two groups and one group went to Qibebt, she helped us in qibebt about living, learning and experiment there.


We helped UBC to complete their survey about patent, and gave our own opinions in Nanjing university’s survey about part registry., then we forwarded the invitation for iGEM_TU_München’ survey. We also lent a hand to SUSTC Shenzhen-A and SUSTC Shenzhen-B as soon as they made contact with us. We are willing to help other teams and learn from others.
When Peking university took a visit of our school in August, they showed great interest in the gelase gene discovered by professor Shi Xiaochong, which they considered to be useful in their project. So we helped them acquire the strain and send it to Peking smoothly.