Dry Lab Member

My majority is the medicine in ocean university of China. In our team, I’m responsible for the modeling part. I think I am very lucky to join the iGEM in this year, because it has changed me in soul. On the one hand ,I know how to work in the science brand new. On the other hand ,I know what I should do in the future. It has helped me determine the life goal. What’s more, I know how to communicate with others. In the initial stage, I was suffering from many problems with my teammates. At that time, I always have a quarrel with my friends who is now my best friend because I don’t know what I should do in the team. But he always helps me, not encourage, but communicate with me in heart and soul. Without him, I cannot do many things now. And I’m very happy to help him and all the teammates by my ability. The iGEM is far more than the competition. she’s a life lesson, she will teach you many things, because now you are in the team. Study, working and feeling. She is so beautify that you will fall in love with her. Although the problems are sometimes so difficulty, you should always overcome it by all means, like reading a bundle of papers. You will be fantastic when a writer only reply only one email. The iGEM is based on the synthetic biology. But now, she is synthetizing your future and soul.