Wet Lab Member

Hello everyone, I’m Owen, an undergraduate student from Ocean of China University, my friends always call me “fiveowen”, My Chinese name is WenjieWu, I majored in Pharmacy in School of Medicine and Pharmacy. When I was young I showed great curiosity about animal plant and micro-organism. I found out life phenomena are unbelievable. I even trust they are something like magic. When I first learn about Synthetic biology, I was shocked by it. It shows me a big world in which we can create magic. I feel Synthetic biology is very cool, every scientist like a magician create miracle constantly, I'm completely obsessed with the Synthetic biology. I determined to take part in iGEM to experience this magic. I'm an excellent problem-solver, good at dealing with emergencies, I work as a brilliant stage management minister in our drama club which named “Seagulls”, and I always let perfor-mance smoothly. I think I am optimistic and confident. I finish every team activity with high team cooperation spirit and high sense of responsibility. I will try my best to finish the thing which I believe is meaningful no matter how difficult it is. I think everything should be done with great enthusiasm, also includes iGEM, I want to become a smart scientist. My favorite word is:”Smart is the new sexy!”. A smart scientist is really sexy, isn’t it? iGEM is also a good chance let you experience the feeling of being scientists. All the iGEMers, Let us do something different make the world get some changes. Enjoy the time which we are fighting for iGEM.