Wet Lab Member & Human-Practice Member

Hello, every one! I’m Jiaheng Li from 2012 OUC-iGEM team. You can call me Bear Emerson Li as well. I’m a junior student studying Marine Life Science. I’m a great fan of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. My creed is:” Hold my own till the very end of the world.” In my opinion, endurance is the most important nature of a human being. As for this competition, I’ve found much pleasure in joining our iGEM team, which is also a big challenge to me. In our design, it’s my job to clone the GVP gene and make it as smaller as possible. During my job, I found out that there are still a lot of things to do before we start synthetic biology. There are many genes we seem to have known their function in their owner’s cluster, but actually we don’t know how those genes work with each other. In our experiment, I began to know the deeper meaning of the BioBrick. It’s really an international platform in synthetic biology. I began to know the idea of Experiment Globalization. Although I have realized these, I know there is still a long way waiting for me.