Collaboration with NTU

Since long ago, We’ve had close relationship with NTU-Taida iGEMers. By inviting them for a iGEMers fest, meeting with each other, technique assistance and having FUN together, we elevate the quality of our projects. As a result, we, NMYU-Taipei team collaborated with NTU-Taida again!!

In similar, both NMYU-Taipei and NTU-Taida team did bacteria engineering. In our projects, we utilized cyanobacteria to remove several pollutants inside our environment. Moreover, we try to achieve Venusian goals. Fortunately, NTU-Taida had a powerful promoter, a thermosensitive promoter, phs, which is suitable for gene expression on Venus (high temperature environment). So NTU-Taida help us to create two new plasmid, phs-CysI and phs-SQR.


In NTU-Taida’s project, they want to create a impotent E.coli which help people to lost weight. The gene express function is quite important in their artificial E.coli. That’s the reason why we help NTU-Taida to quality control their bacteria. To test the plasmid removal rate of bacteria the incubated three plasmid transformed E.coli, IR, tnpR, SmBC and diluted in to 10-7, 10-8, 10-9 three different concentration. Then we incubated E.cloi in LB solid agar plate and calculated the colonies of each group. We found out that the same result we got as NTU-Taida did. That is to say, they got a reliable data, also we successfully quality controlled of their E.coli.

The result indicates that tnpR, SmBC transformed E.coli have much more E.coli colonies, compared to the IR tansformed E.coli. In other words, IR have higher removal rate that is the same as our expected.