name: Renske van Raaphorst
duty: Secretary, PR
bio: Renske did a Bachelors in Molecular Life Sciences in at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, and is now doing a Masters in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology at the RuG as well.
role: Renske tends to stick her nose in everything. She likes doing weird experiments, like testing spoiling meat or building improvised setups. Further, she's in charge of the education/human practice part of iGEM.
special lab skill: Renske can work at the 37 degrees room for ages, just as Arjan. They learned to endure the heat, and the beautiful aroma of our spoiling meat experiments. She has a great heart for iGEM. She does everything for our B. subtilis, even taking showers with them in the 37 degrees room.
further: When she's not doing stuff for iGEM, she's most likely jamming with her band Frankly no Helix or singing along with one of the famous Backstreet boys songs.

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