Human Practice

Bringing the product to the market
We surveyed the public about our Food Warden. Do they think it is useful? What do they think about GMOs? And what should our food warden cost?
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Biological Art
Do you think micro-organisms are scary? Think again when you look at the microbial art we made together with artist and designer Leen van Wijngaarden. Painting with bacteria on huge agar plates gives evolving pictures which evoke questions from the public.
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Joining forces for Discovery
Together with the iGEM teams from Wageningen, Eindhoven and Amsterdam, we joined forces in representing iGEM at the Discovery festival. This festival was organized at three different locations, so a big audience in the Netherlands could experience science, art and technology. We really enjoyed giving labtours in the NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam!
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Stop the food waste!
We think our food warden sticker can help in solving the food waste problem. But raising awareness of the problem can also help. Read what YOU can do to stop the food waste!
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iGEM/ScienceLinX Summerschool
In previous years, several high schools visited the iGEM Groningen teams for an afternoon. We decided to do this too, but then bigger. ScienceLinX, the science centre from the RuG, sponsored us so we could organize a three-day summerschool where students from Friesland and Groningen could learn about microbiology & synthetic biology.
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