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Sponsorship Levels

If you wish to become a sponsor don't hesitate to contact us at!

There are various arrangements to choose from:

Platinum level (investment of >3.000€)

Sponsor will be shown our gratitude in every possible way of promotion. In addition to the Gold level acknowledgements, you will be presented as one of our main sponsors on every piece of media and will be granted a logo in the corner of every presentation slide. Further publicity will gladly be discussed upon request, for example during our societal activities (e.g. at science/art festivals in Groningen etc.).

Gold level (investment of >1.000€)

Sponsors will be able to reach high calibre professionals from around the world in a variety of high-profile demonstrations of gratitude, including large logo displays and verbal mentioning during presentations. In addition to the Silver level acknowledgments below (even larger logo), gold level sponsors will enjoy being verbally mentioned at the end of our presentation (and on the last presentation slide), will have a logo on our flyers, and a large logo at the top of our poster. We can distribute company flyers at the two Jamborees.

Silver level (investment of >500€)

Sponsors will have the benefits of logo repetition and public acknowledgement in several settings. In addition to the Bronze level acknowledgments below (only with a larger logo), silver level sponsors will be mentioned in the final presentation, and will show their logo on the bottom of our main posters.

Bronze level

Sponsors will be thanked throughout each step of our work: via the website and upon request with a logo printed on our shirts/dresses worn by all team members as soon as available and surely during our final presentations.

Both monetary and material support are welcome!