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Summer School

From our reporters
On 22, 23 and 24 August, high school students from Friesland and Groningen came to visit us at our lab. Together we did some experiments concerning food spoilage and explored the diversity of micro-organisms, but we did more. High school students Meintje, Froukje and Iris report on the three days.
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Short guide to genetic constructs
In iGEM, everything evolves around biobricks. High school student Glenn wanted to find out how they actually work. How can you make a gene do whatever you want? How does a piece become a functioning part of the cell? Glenn wrote down what happens in the cell when a gene is transcribed.
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Results of experiments
Every highschool student brought their own piece of food. We analyzed the food by doing a TAMC count (hygiene test) and an E. coli test. Furthermore, we looked at all kinds of different micro-organisms and isolated some different bacteria from milk products. The results where pretty surprising...
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