Food Warden

The Food Warden
The Food Warden is a system which detects meat spoilage. It uses Bacillus subtilis cells. Their natural genetic response to the gases of rotten meat has been identified and linked to a pigment production system. In this way, a consumer can easily see when the meat is spoiled: it's rotten and you know it!
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How does it work?
Volatiles from rotten meat activate the PsboA promoter, triggering the production of pigments (blue or yellow).
More details can be found on our Data Page.

Stop the food waste!
Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away worldwide (one third of total food production), partly due to the fact that best before dates are imprecise. A reliable way of monitoring whether food is spoiled or not could save money and reduce food waste.
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Our achievements

Gold Medal

Regional Winner
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Team registration done
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We present our poster and project at iGEM Jamboree in Amsterdam at Saturday 6 October 2012
Our Biobricks

SILVER (in addition to bronze medal requirements)

Proof that our BioBrick works!
Characterization of our BioBrick's operation: BBa_K818600

GOLD (in addition to silver and bronze medal requirements, any one or more of the following)

We improved the function of existing BioBricks: BBa_K592010, BBa_K592009
We helped iGEM LMU Munich by characterizing their parts
We explored the topic of safety for GMOs that would be used near food
We raised public awareness about food waste in developed countries
We surveyed the broad public about the need for Food Warden product and GMOs safety

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