name: Nisa Purwanto
duty: Lab Worker
bio: Nisa is almost at the end of her Master Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in Groningen.
role: Being one of the most experienced people in the lab, she's responsible for ordering of materials and enzymes. Apart from that, she's our super-primer designer.
special lab skill: Nisa is one of the smallest team member in our group, literally. With that size connection, she can literally speak to the bacteria. With her power, we can accomplish this almost impossible project, because the Bacillus subtilis obey her will. Do not mess with this tiny girl, or face the wrath of the MicroWorld!!!
PS: She can grow Bacillus subtilis better than anyone else, so we 'think' she can 'talk' to them, Really.
further: Even though her image is so mystical, she is a very lively girl with overflowing energy to work in the lab. And yes, we were forced to write this.

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