Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 3July2012


Micro-array harvest experiment (Arjan/Renske)

Experimental duplo of 02/07. Cells harvested and kept in -80.


1.) Linearization of: BBa_K274100 (red pigment), BBa_K274002 (violacein-violet pigment), BBa_K090403 (amyE integration plasmid), BBa_R0062 (luxR promoter), BBa_J37034 (luxI, GFP added). All of them are in correct length except the integration plasmid (expected)
2.) B. subtilis transformation using BBa_K090403 and BBa_I742123 by Ruud from Molgen group (to compare with our work)


Isolating chromosomal DNA from Basillus subtilis.

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