Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 30July2012


Continued with GC. Due to an unknown error the forward colum of the programm started on friday did not run. So a rerun was done of the meat in tolueen sample and the blanc. the incubation time was shortened to 35 min. This run like the tolueen sample on the back colum did not show any results. Also the extreme incubation with the brine samples did not show any results.

The next step will be liquid injection. Here an organic solvent like methanol, hexaan. or toluene will be added to the rotten meat. the solvent is taken out and thrice filtered to get rid of particles that can damage the columns. and the liquid is injected into the GC-MS machine.

Due to maintenance work on the power grid the building is closed on 31 July and further power tests will we done on 1st of August so the GC-MS machine will we switched of on these days.


PCR with terminator (BBa_B0015) primers with pSac-Cm and pSac-Cm terminator as templates. Amplification detected at both templates. In original pSac-Cm there are multiple site of BBa_B0015 terminator detected.

New transformation of pLacI (BBa_R0011)

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