Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 26June2012



Plasmid issolation of BBa_J37034 (LuxI added to GFP) and BBa_R0062 (promotor of LuxR (PR)).
Concentrations were low: LuxR (1) = 12.7 ng/ul, LuxR (2) = 25.2 ng/ul, LuxI (1) = 24.8 ng/ul, LuxI (2) = 22.3 ng/ul.
Colonies containing LuxI and LuxR were incubated in LB overnight.

Nisa and Emeraldo
1.)Plasmid isolation from O/N E. coli with BBa_K090403 gave a low yield (<30ng/ul)
2.)Restriction of BBa_K090403 and the pigments with EcoRI and SpeI failed, no multiple bands detected on gel
3.)Plan for single enzyme restriction.
4.)The B. subtilis transformation is postponed

Minced Meat test
Yesterday we put the minced meat at 17.15 out of the fridge. Today I tested its freshess based on a smell scale (from 0-10) and physical appearance by taking a picture.
11.00 Picture and strong butter like smell. Grade 3 ~ smell not appealing at all, strong butterlike
12.02 Picture and smell grade 3
13.03 Picture and smell grade 3
14.03 Picture and smell grade 4 ~ butter smell increased
15.02 Smell grade 6 ~ butter smell transformed into more acid like smell
16.15 Smell grade 10 ~ disgusting

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