Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 25June2012


Transformation of biobricks BBa_J37034 (LuxI added to GFP) and BBa_R0062 (promotor of LuxR (PR)) was succesfull and transferred to LB broth for overnight growth.

Nisa and Emeraldo
Preparation for another B. subtilis transformation (BBa_K090403+pigment):
1.) Preparation of Transformation medium (SMM)
2.) O/N culture of B. subtilis in SMM
3.) O/N culture E. coli with BBa_K090403

Primer design for P alsT with addition of prefix and suffix
1.) check promoter region (150bp, 250 bp, 300bp, and 500bp before the gene)
2.) add restriction enzyme sites and 5 bases for plateau of restriction enzymes
3.) Order the primers

Preparing starch agar and iodine for checking purpose of B. subtilis transformant
(B. subtilis transformants of BBa_K090403 should not be able to degrade starch)

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