Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 25July2012


Tom and Arjan continued with GC. New methode with temperature 40C incubation for 35 minutes. New sample preparation: rotted meat was supplemented with 5 ml brine in order to dissolve volatiles and improve detection. Also no split of the gas was used. results expected in the morning of 26 July.

The next series of test will use increasing incubation temperature and time.


The Uppsala chromoproteins blue amilCP (BBa_K592009) and yellow amilGFP (BBa_K592010), we want to upgrade them into B.subtilis backbone so we can express the colour in B.subtilis. Therefore we need a RBS, BBa_B0034.

Pigment that also needs primers: red (lycopene) without promoter (BBa_K274100) and violacein without promoter (BBa_K274002)

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