Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 21August2012



Restriction analysis of previous obtained alsT 150, 250, 300, 500 and Fnr combined to GFP with EcorI. Incubation time was two hours at 37 degrees celcius.

Result: None of the combined promotors with GFP resulted in the correct size band.

Cut AmilGFP, BBa_K274110, and pSac-Cm+terminator with EcoRI and PstI, run on the gel and excised the correct bands (the AmilGFP band was not detected). Ligation reaction for cut BBa_k274110 and cut pSac-CM+terminator. Transformation of E.coli DH5alpha with the ligated product.

GC-MS: blank runs of the three organic solvents used

PCR for checking the construct pigment
result: PCR result was ran in an agarose gel. The result showed multifragment DNA which can imply multi-annealing temperature for every PCR reaction. We cut the DNA fragment with the correct size and purified it.

Initiation of attempts to ligate Violacin with pFnr and pLacI

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